Welcome to Lefkada

The houses have been designed with affection, inspiration, a lot of care and, mostly, with all our heart. They are built in order to provide a shelter, a space where one will be able to relax and enjoy every aspect of life!

The Island

Arriving at Lefkada the Ionian sea welcomes you, while see you enter the island through a narrow and long strip of land. Then you will be facing the imposing castle of Agias Mavras and the other side where the town of Lefkada is, the scenery changes completely.

Here the houses are up to two floors, with many of them being wooden, but with plenty of freshly painted flower pots on balconies, while the lagoon in front of the town adds its charm. Surely the first impression will be delighting.

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The name has probably taken from the wild white cliffs of Leufkata cape, located on the southern end. Lefkada is the fourth largest island of the Ionian Islands. The size of the island is 302 sq. km. and its inhabitants are numbered approximately 23 000, divided into 6 towns and 2 provinces. The Prefecture of Lefkada includes the islands of Meganissi, Kalamos, Kasto, Scorpio, Madouri, Skorpidi, Sparta, Thilia and Kythro. The island's climate is of classic Mediterranean feel, characterized by the great sunshine, mild but wet winter and hot summer.

70% of Lefkada's land is mountainous and of all the high mountains, the highest peak is found in the center of the Stavrota (1182m). The are also close mountain plateaus, fertile valleys and gorges, with lush vegetation and a significant flora that includes olive trees, cypress trees, variety pine trees and a special variety oak trees, herbs and rare flowers.

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Unique Location

The island has several water sourcess, including the famous sources of Kerasias at Syvros, streams that at times of the year are impetuous, forming small waterfalls like Dimosari near Nidri and impressive gorges like those of Melissas at Sfakiotes and Haradiatika areas. The two lagoons in the north part of the island are important wetlands, for many of the island's bird species.

Lefkada's sea dismemberment is also rich. It consists of impressive beaches, peninsulas, capes - with Leukata cape being the one standing out - bays which serve as extraordinary natural ports, such as Vlicho of Sivota, Rouda east of Lefkada and the Vasiliki on the south. There are many consecutive bays in Meganissi, creating an small impressive fjords.

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Beautifull Beaches

There are many beautiful beaches, sandy and almost all shades of green, blue and turquoise. In some of beaches there is fine sand while on others a little thicker and in some of them the water is shallow, whereas in others it is deeper. The most famous beaches are Gialos, Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Kathisma, Agios Nikitas and the Ammousa Agiofili.

But in reality there are endless sandy beaches, all of which are beautiful. The first four are white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, hidden beneath cliffs and revealed to the visitor as he access them through descending stairs or paths. Porto Katsiki is indeed considered one of the most unique beaches in Europe.

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